DMSContainer is an application framework for developing microservices in a simple way, allowing you to focus only on the problem to be solved.
Imagine the following scenarios:

  • Need to develop a new feature that must be available for all business applications
  • The application must have the desired functionality already present in an old application in Delphi2007
  • The application must be able to send emails, sometimes even with complex attachments and reports
  • A report is required. Everyone wants to customize it with logo, formatting, fonts etc. They want it on all front ends
  • Export grids in various formats
DMSContainer solves them ALL

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Cerimoniere Web

Cerimoniere Web allows you to keep under control all the phases of the creation of a ceremony and to keep track of all the work done.
It allows constant monitoring and also makes last-minute changes simple, such as the insertion of an unexpected escort or other disposition criteria that have occurred late.
It makes it possible to create a stage and to print the tags of the seats assigned to the guests.
It therefore resolves the most frequent causes of complaints, from assigning an unwanted seat to not assigning it. It is faithful to the protocol, flexible in management.

Diogene is a system for internal geolocation that integrates proximity marketing functionality and behavioural analysis. The system uses Bluetooth LE technology to signal a smartphone that it’s near a particular spot, enabling a dedicated app to access related information.
  • Shopping centres and Trade Fairs: Smartphones will show detailed information about products when placed near store shelves or trade fair booths.
  • Stadiums: Smartphones guide spectators to their seats and allow security services to digitally monitor that seats are filled correctly as well as movement on the stands.
  • Airports and train stations: Smartphones guide travellers inside airports and train stations and allow them to check the required times to get to gates or platforms. When passing by duty-free shops the app will show products and offers customers can find inside (see first bullet point).

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  • Theme Parks: Smartphones guide visitors through the park and allow them to register to a virtual queue for the different rides.
  • Cruise ships: Smartphones guide travellers inside the ship and supports them while going back to their cabins or to the rendezvous points. The app also informs passengers about products and offers in the shops. The system is also able to locate every passenger on board.

Diogene for Supermarkets

The main feature of the Diogene system for supermarkets is the companion app. The app guides customers through the aisles while showing descriptions of products placed near the smartphone. It also suggests companion products and customer specific offers. While in the store the system gathers customers’ behavioural data, which the store management can review to accurately assess the profitability of all shelves.
The main functions are:

  • Indoor navigation inside the supermarket
  • Showing products and their descriptions
  • Showing companion products
  • Showing theme based routes inside the store (i.e. “vegan food”, “gluten-free food” or “Halloween party decorations”)
  • A Data Portal meant for the store management to place products on shelves, provide special offers for customers or review data on customer behaviour with custom filters (i.e. show how many times customers have stopped by the Coca-cola stand in different time-slots)

The package includes:

  • Custom app
  • Preparing the store for the system installation and first data input
  • Access to the portal and training for the store staff

Diogene for museums

The Diogene system for museums can guide visitors through the exhibits, pointing out the best suited interdisciplinary route, showing artistic and historical descriptions as well as multimedia content (pictures, videos and voice tracks) to highlight the context in which exhibits were created. Visitors can bookmark what they liked best on their smartphones, in order to mentally go over the experience once they are back home. The app is also conceived for autonomous use by the visually impaired. The Data Portal and the behavioural statistics it gathers will allow the museum management to analyze visitor behaviours as well as getting instant feedback on the effectiveness of the exhibition.
The package includes:

  • Custom app
  • Preparing the store for the system installation and first data input
  • Access to the portal and training for the museum staff

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App Tracker

App Tracker is an innovative app control system. It is conceived for companies and programmers that have distributed apps. App tracker can monitor app usage giving information on:

  • System it is used on and its configuration
  • Computer or mobile device hardware it is used on
  • App crash and call stack trace to quickly identify problems
  • Every event the programmer wants to notify
  • Timing and profiling information
  • Licensing

The gathered data will be viewable on the custom configured App Tracker portal. Through the portal it will be possible to organize and filter data in an extremely flexible way, using business intelligence tools in support of statistical considerations. Ready to use: the system includes a library easily integrated into every app. After connecting the library and the methods to program events monitoring, the system is ready to go. Data on the app usage will be available on the App Tracker portal as soon as it is installed and connected to the Internet.


The management of document flows is the set of features that allow you to manage and organize the documentation received and produced by administrations. Allows correct protocol registration, assignment, classification, collation, retrieval and storage of IT documents.

Document+ is the innovative document system characterized by simplicity and speed of processing. In addition to efficiently managing all the processes required from a legal point of view, it offers a simple and immediate environment to manage processes, collaborators, timelines, evidence, notes and everything that can make the work fluid and simple. Document + boasts hundreds of installations in dozens of public and private entities.


One of the fundamental features of Document+ is the ability to mask complex processes through a simple and intuitive graphical interface. If hundreds of users love Document+, there will be a reason! We invite you to find out! Request a free demo.


Recommender PRO

Most companies have a huge amount of data in relation to their customers: history, purchases, shares and movements.

With Recommender PRO you can decide to give it real value!
Recommender PRO is able to analyze this data and suggest the most suitable product for your customer’s needs and habits!

Specific prediction and appreciation of products, news letters and targeted marketing campaigns are the key features of Reccomender PRO!

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