bit Time Professionals offers IT services and solutions to companies that wants to add value to their business


At bit Time Professionals we offer consulting services spanning all the development cycle of projects: from planning to solving implementation problems, that is from architecture design to the choice of the best suited technologies for implementation.
The life cycle of a project can be complicated. Having doubts in the design phase could delay development, a technical barrier could compromise the validity of the entire system, or a short-sighted technological choice could shorten the operational life-time of the whole system. Considering the vast range of framework, methodologies and technologies, it is not always easy to choose the most effective, and above all efficient, options.
At bit Time Professionals we are always on the lookout to improve and optimize every step of our software’s life cycle and make it more efficient.
With the experience gained from following dozens of important projects from start to finish, our software designers and developers have the broad view necessary to understand a project in its entirety, and to best counsel our customers by offering the services herewith listed





“In our profession, precision and perfection are not a dispensable luxury, but a simple necessity.” — Dr. Niklaus Wirth
At bit Time Professionals we whole-heartedly agree with Dr. Wirth. Staying on top of a constantly evolving market is always challenging. For this reason we specialize in providing training courses on Embarcadero software and web and mobile technologies. Among our teachers we count successful writers of technical books and guides. The satisfaction rate with course participants is high and many of our customers come back for further training. For us the end of the course doesn’t mean the end of the story. We can offer qualified assistance and high level support. At bit Time Professionals we have fully equipped classrooms both in Rome and Milan. We can also hold onsite courses at our customers’ premises.


History is full of great ideas killed by terrible implementation. The main risk in clumsily realizing a system based on an excellent idea is that competitors can copy the idea and use it to its best. At bit Time Professionals we rely on outstanding designers and developers, with years of experience and training at their backs. Our team is made up of Italian and European specialists in their fields. Constant training is the keyword for every member of our team. That is why we have a high number of projects delivered on time and within the agreed budget. We are aware that accidents are always around the corner. Our job is to foresee the unforeseeable; that is, plan what to do in case we can no longer go along the route we pinpointed at the beginning of a project.
Specific Skills:

  • RESTful SYSTEMS(RMM Level3)
  • POS


Software Design

The design phase is the most delicate in a system’s life cycle. Why is that so? Because in the best case scenario, the final requirement are utterly unknown both to the client and the designer. A good designer needs to follow an iterative process, every phase of which lowers the uncertainty on what actually needs to be done. The only constant element in software development is the changing of requirements. A good designer needs to engineer a system for the “present”, keeping in mind that it will be used in the “future” without being re-written. Creating such a system with less than qualified staff is a waste of resources, while defining a flexible project with qualified designers is an investment.

Our designers can offer:

  • Innovative design
  • Adapting design
  • Variable design

We split up our iterative design activity in the following standard phases, each of which includes the creation of one or more documents describing the phase input and output.

  • Situation assessment: we interview all the stakeholders.
  • Feasibility study: where needed we make specific prototypes for single low level functionalities.
  • Logical and functional design: we define what the system will do and above all what it will not do. This phases involves regular meetings with the system’s final users.
  • Scaling: we define the non functional requirements of the system.
  • Testing: we create functional, interface and integration prototypes.

Machine Learning: predicting the future has become easier.

Having data doesn’t mean having information. Machine learning allows companies to enhance the amount of data in their possession by extracting valuable information about their customers.

Bit Time Professionals data scientists are able to use machine learning algorithms to extract information and forecasts from your data. With bitTime Professionals data scientists, predicting the future has become easier!

Machine learning is a sub-category of artificial intelligence that gives machines the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Specifically, machine learning is a method of data analysis that aims to automate the creation of analytical models.

Thanks to special algorithms that learn iteratively from a human-supplied database, machine learning allows computers and other computer systems to learn new notions and information, make decisions and make predictions without having been previously instructed to do so. bit Time Professionals offers advice and training on machine learning.

Currently, machine learning applications are really numerous, many of which are integrated with the everyday life of a large number of people in more or less important aspects.
Some direct cases in which bit Time Professionals can support its customers are:

  • Recommendation systems
  • Behavioral pattern recognition
  • Product/Service Sales Forecast
  • Decision Support System Forecast
  • Vocal and natural language recognition
  • Discovery of fraud involving credit cards and/or other payment systems


Bot Telegram

In the last period business communication has been reinforced in addition to the classic channels, such as newsletters, posts on social networks, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, but also with direct messages on smartphones via Telegram and other instant messaging services.

In Telegram bots are real accounts managed by software, these bots are able to perform different tasks offering many services to users:

  • Receive personalized notifications and news: A bot can act as a “smart” newspaper, sending relevant content as soon as it is published
  • Integration with other services: A bot can enrich Telegram chats with content taken from other services
  • Accept payments from Telegram users: A bot can offer paid services or be a virtual showcase
  • Create custom tools: A bot can provide weather forecasts, translations or other services
  • Build social services: A bot can provide weather forecasts, translations or other services

bit Time Professionals develops Telegram bots to support your specific business allowing an interaction with your customers simply unreachable with other means, even less with the classic email. For example, below are some types of bots designed for different types of customers who deal with sales with a network of agents:

  • Auctions on line: all subscribers to a bot participate in an auction to win a good or a product in real time. Particularly useful for companies with a network of commercial agents in the fresh food sector.
  • Catalogues and price lists: The customer can use a simple and intuitive interface to consult a specific catalogue. The commercial agent who follows him can know what the customer is interested in (depending on his search history) and offer specific products. Definitely simpler and more functional than a traditional catalogue or price list.
  • Customized offers and communications: Reach all your customers in a timely and accurate manner without drowning in the sea of spam and various newsletters.

Reaching all your customers in an interactive way has never been easier!