Angular 2

Duration: 3 giorni | Prezzo: 900 €


Javascript, OOP, basi di HTML, basi di CSS


Intensive course of 3 days regarding Angular2 and Typescript, to learn all the new feature and potential of the new framework from Google. It's absolutely recommended to carry a personal PC/notebook to be used during the session.


Everyday it's organized with theorical lessons with arguments and guided exercise studied ad hoc that aim to give the developer the tool's mastery. The course is configured to be an intensive full-immersion of 3 days on Angular2 ad Typescript, to learn all the new features and potential of the new framework from Google.
  • Introduction to Angular 2
  • Main new features introduced and difference from 1.x version
  • TypeScript language
  • Angular 2 application architecture
  • Reactive Programming
  • Templates syntax
  • Components
  • Property binding
  • Events
  • Dependency Injection
  • Directives e Components
  • Input and Output properties
  • Component lifecycle
  • Providers
  • host
  • ngIf, ngFor and ngSwitch
  • Templates
  • Styles
  • Services
  • Forms and validation
  • Pipes and built-in pipes
  • Routing
  • Navigation and parameters
  • Nested components
  • Async routes e HTTP
  • Change Detection System
  • Web workers
  • Server-side Rendering
  • App migration from Angular 1 to Angular 2.


Among our venues of Rome, Milan, Mestre, Sassuolo or on-site at customers.