AngularJS and server PHP

Duration: 4 giorni | Prezzo: 1350 €




Learn to use the power of the wonderful framework AngularJS from Google to write thin client web for yiour RESTful PHP services



  • What's AngularJS
    • Why AngularJS
    • Web applications are not websites
    • Getting Started with AngularJS
      • Overview of the MVVM Design Pattern
      • Responding to Click Events using  Controller
      • Creating Custom HTML elements with Directives
    • Controllers & Scope
      • Assigning a Default Value to a Model and change it
      • Encapsulating a Model Value with a Controller Function
      • Responding to Scope Changes
      • Sharing Models Between Nested Controllers
      • Sharing Code Between Controllers using Services
      • Testing Controllers
    • Dependency Injection and the $injector service
    • UnitTest it!
    • Modules
    • Routes
      • URLs, Routing and Partials
      • Client-Side Routing with Hashbang URLs
      • Using Regular URLs with the HTML5 History API
      • Using Route Location to Implement a Navigation Menu
      • Listening on Route Changes to Implement a Login Mechanism
    • Using Forms
      • Implementing a Basic Form
      • Validating a Form Model Client-Side
      • Displaying Form Validation Errors
      • Displaying Form Validation Errors with the Twitter Bootstrap framework
      • Only Enabling the Submit Button if the Form is Valid
      • Implementing Custom Validations
    • Common User Interface Pattern
      • Filtering and Sorting a List
      • Paginating Client-Side Data
      • Paginating Server-Side Data
      • Using Infinite Results
      • Using a Flash Notice/Failure Message
      • Displaying a Modal Dialog
      • Displaying a Loading Spinner
    •  Filters
      • Using built-in filters
      • Formatting a String With a Currency Filter
      • Implementing a Custom Filter to Reverse an Input String
      • Passing Configuration Params to Filters
      • Filtering a List of DOM Nodes
      • Chaining Filters together
      • Testing Filters
    • Services
      • Using built-in services
      • Requesting JSON Data with AJAX
      • Consuming RESTful APIs
      • Consuming JSONP APIs
      • Deferred and Promise
      • Testing Services
    • Directives
      • Using built-in directives
      • Developing custom directive
      • Validate your HTML forms
      • Enabling/Disabling DOM Elements Conditionally
      • Changing the DOM in Response to User Actions
      • Rendering an HTML Snippet in a Directive
      • Rendering a Directive’s DOM Node Children
      • Passing Configuration Params Using HTML Attributes
      • Directive to Directive Communication
      • Testing Directives
    •  HTML5 Mode
    •  Using Angular with other JavaScript frameworks/libraries
      • jQuery
      • jQuery plugins
    • Beyond AngularJS
    • Angular-ui
    PHP BackEnd Introduction to SlimFramework
    • Routing
    • Parameter's mappings
    • Request/response format
    • Data access utilizing PDO
    • types
    • objects
    • arrays