FirebirdSQL – Base course

Duration: 1 giorni | Prezzo: 300 €
Date Roma: 26-08-2020, 30-09-2020, 28-10-2020, 25-11-2020, 30-12-2020



Installing Firebird it's easy and fast... pushing repeatedly the "next" button! Doing like this you lose the important oppurtunity to create an ad-hoc installation for the system we are preparing
Firebrd it's one of the RDBMS open-source databases, full of features and power.
This workshop, held by Fabio Dodebue, one of the Firebird Foundation members and certainly the most influential Firebird expert in Italy, it will allow you to master the configuration and installation of these wonderful database


  • Classic, SuperClassic or Superserver?
    • Installation packages
    • Embedded Server for Windows
  • What is in the kit?
    • Default disk locations
    • Linux
    • Windows
  • Installing Firebird
    • Installing the Firebird server
    • Installing multiple servers
    • Testing your installation
    • Performing a client-only install
  • Server configuration and management
    • User management: gsec
    • Security
      • the pseudo table SEC$USERS
    • Windows Control Panel applets
    • Administration tools
  • Working with databases
    • Connection strings
    • Connecting to an existing database
    • Creating a database using isql
    • Firebird SQL
      • Data type
      • DDL
      • Transaction
      • PSQL
      • Context variable
      • operators, predicats, aggregate function
      • Internal and external function
  • Protecting your data
    • Backup
      • batch system for linux: examples of script se centOS
      • batch system windows: examples of script
    • Monitoring
      • $MON tables managing
        • MON$DATABASE
      • additional tool IBSurgeon