FirebirdSQL – Optimization (Advanced course)

Duration: 1 giorni | Prezzo: 400 €
Date Roma: 27-08-2020, 24-09-2020, 29-10-2020, 26-11-2020, 31-12-2020


Base course' participation


This advanced course of Firebird it's oriented to installation's optimization to grant optimal performance in every operative condition. The professor, Fabio Codebue, it's one of the Firebird Foundation's members and it's the Firebird expert, the most influential in italy. In this course, will be shown the most advanced techniques for the Firebird advanced optimization.


  • Hardware configuration and optimization
    • Useful techniques and advices for your server's hardware
    • Precessor and technology's choice
    • Controllers'choice
    • Hard disk's choice
  • Software optimization
    • Server configuration
    • Practical example of firebired.conf and specific cases
      • firebird classic 2.5 32bit and 64bit
      • firebird superclassic 2.5 32bit and 64bit
      • firebird superserver 2.5 32bit and 64bit
      • firebird superserver 64bit
    • Parameter's scope
    • Macro
    • Includes and expressions
    • Large data optimization
      • Example of database'manage over 1Tb
  • SQL optimization
    • Data analysis
    • Data normalization's foundation
      • First normal form 1NF (Value's atomicity, primary key)
      • Second normal form 2NF (attributes dependency - keys)
      • Third normal form 3NF (attributes dependency - keys)
      • Other normalization forms
    • Best way to utilize Firebird SQL commands
      • example: SQL command optimization
  • SQL optimization - exercises
    • Data normalization
    • Data query
    • Comparison between data and normalized data
  • Database recovery
    • Database analysis with script
    • Repair
    • Introduction to advanced tool for database analysis, recovery and monitoring
    • Exercise of database recovery