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A low cost customized mobile solution for take away management and home delivery.

Why should i use 123DeliverIt?

Why should i use 123DeliverIt?

123DeliverIt is the revolutionary solution that allows companies working in the food & beverage sector (restaurants, pizzerias, sandwich shops, bars, pubs, ovens, bakeries, butchers, supermarkets, etc.) to exploit the power of the delivery or take away service. , without being confused in the midst of the many proposals already available on current aggregation solutions (eg Just Eat and UberEats). Furthermore, 123DeliverIt is extraordinarily affordable compared to the royalties of the most common aggregators.

What does 123DeliverIt offer the merchant?

123DeliverIt is the market revolution for food delivery and is available in two modes: aggregator mode and customized app mode.

123DeliverIt as Aggregator

  • The aggregator mode is completely free for the merchant
  • The commercial activity (be it a single store or chain) can publish its menus for free in the 123DeliverIt App which can be downloaded from the Play Store and Apple Store
  • The 123DeliverIt App always provides for payment in cash or by credit card
  • Cash payment is always free for the merchant - no commission!
  • The electronic payment is completely managed by the 123DeliverIt commercial offices and provides for weekly / fortnightly billing with a 4% commission + management costs starting from € 3.00 for each invoice.
  • Statistics on sales will always be free

123DeliverIt as a Custom App

123DeliverIt also provides a customized App for you, for both Android and iOS! The App will be customized for your business, at very competitive prices. When your customers launch the App they will not be inundated with advertisements from your competitors; they will only see your products. While your customers will order from the sofa at home using a simple and convenient interface for Android and iOS smartphones, you will be able to monitor incoming orders with the 123DeliverIt Shop App for the shop dedicated to merchants.

  • The Custom App mode can be downloaded from Play Store and Apple Store using the name chosen by you
  • The App for the end user will have the name, logos and colors customized according to the merchant
  • A single App is able to manage several points of sale (e.g. restaurant chains)
  • Provides for payment in cash or credit cards
  • Statistics on sales
  • For each point of sale, start-up price + monthly fee.
  • No commission on sales

Don’t risk losing customers by getting confused among others and paying more, rely on 123DeliverIt!

Why should i use 123DeliverIt?

123DeliverIt for your customers

Upon signing the 123DeliverIt contract (in custom app mode), your custom apps will be published on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can see an example of customization on the left. The customization will be complete: app name, icon, logo, various descriptions and color combinations. You won’t be one among many, the app will truly be yours.

By launching the app your customers will see the categories of your products. Below you can see an example for a hamburger joint.

When your customer selects a category, they will be able to see what you have to offer for that category. For each menu item you can add photos, descriptions, ingredients, allergens and everything you need to best describe your specialties. Below you can see the list of products available for the “Panini” category of our hypothetical Hamburgeria.

At the bar, Italians ask for coffee in over 30 different ways. 123DeliverIt allows your customers to “talk” with you as if you were there with them. Depending on the variations you want to make available, your customers can use the app to customize your specialties according to their tastes. Depending on what the operator has decided, the customer will have the following choices:

  • Mandatory choices (eg. Normal pizza dough, Wholemeal pizza dough)
  • Extra Optional Choices (eg Extra Cheese, With Mustard, With Spicy Oil)
  • Choices to remove some ingredients (eg. Without onions, without sauces, without eggplant etc)

Through a simple interface, your 123DeliverIt app will guide your customers in the best choice.

After completing the order, the customer can double-check what he ordered and see the total price. At this point, you can decide how to pay by choosing from the options allowed by the merchant:

  • Cash on delivery
  • Credit cards

In any case, the merchant will decide which payment methods to accept.

123DeliverIt for the merchant

123DeliverIt for the merchant

Managing customers, orders, deliveries and riders is not easy. 123DeliverIt Console, 123DeliverIt’s app dedicated to merchants, allows you to not waste time managing details and to concentrate on your work.

In real time you will be able to see how many orders have arrived, from which customers and where they need to be delivered. You will receive all payments without adding any commission from 123DeliverIt. When your customers place an order from your custom app, you will see it in real time from your 123DeliverIt Console. Managing deliveries and take away has never been easier and cheaper at the same time.

Contact us and revolutionize your delivery and take away system!

123DeliverIt for the merchant

Do you want to know more about 123DeliverIt?

123DeliverIt for Software Houses

123DeliverIt for Software Houses

Are you a software house and would you like to integrate 123DeliverIt into your management system?

123DeliverIt offers a complete API for managing menus, categories, variants and everything you need to allow your customers to integrate your management system with a powerful and economical solution for delivery and take away. to know more contact us.

123DeliverIt for Software Houses