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App Tracker

App Tracker

App Tracker is an innovative app control system. It is conceived for companies and programmers that have distributed apps. App tracker can monitor app usage giving information on:

  • System it is used on and its configuration
  • Computer or mobile device hardware it is used on
  • App crash and call stack trace to quickly identify problems
  • Every event the programmer wants to notify
  • Timing and profiling information
  • Licensing
App Tracker

The gathered data will be viewable on the custom configured App Tracker portal. Through the portal it will be possible to organize and filter data in an extremely flexible way, using business intelligence tools in support of statistical considerations. Ready to use: the system includes a library easily integrated into every app. After connecting the library and the methods to program events monitoring, the system is ready to go. Data on the app usage will be available on the App Tracker portal as soon as it is installed and connected to the Internet.

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