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Back End Delphi

Duration: 1 day | Price: € 300,00


Knowledge of Delphi and the OOP paradigm and having attended the courses Delphi Part 1 and Delphi Part 2.


Learn to harness the power of Google’s fantastic Angular framework to write web thin clients for your RESTful Delphi services.


  • Use Delphi JSON library
    • JSON types
    • JSON objects
    • JSON arrays
  • An idea of ​​what Delphi offers
    • What is WebBroker
      • Build a simple server with WebBroker REST
    • What is DataSnap
      • Build a simple server with DataSnap REST
    • Explore alternatives
  • DelphiMVCFramework
    • Controller
    • Routing
    • Render
    • Filters
    • Server Side View
    • Push notification with Sent Event Servers

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