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⭐ DelphiMVCFramework

Durata: 2 days | Price: € 490,00

📣 Course held by Daniele Teti, author of the official guide and main developer of DMVCFramework


Delphi Seattle or higher, OOP and HTTP.


The availability of company data remotely is no longer an optional. Your folks need access to vital information, even when they’re not on-site. In this course you will discover how simple (and powerful) it is to use Delphi to write RESTful / JSON services using DelphiMVCFramework. In this course we will analyze all the peculiarities of DelphiMVCFramework, the framework appreciated all over the world for its speed and simplicity. The workshop includes the real development of a complete RESTful server and a javascript web client!


  • Introduction to DelphiMVCFramework
  • Why is DMVCFramework the most popular framework on Github? What makes it unique?
  • The controllers
  • The actions
  • The Action Filters
  • The routing
    • URL Mapped Parameters
    • Strongly Typed Parameters
    • QueryString parameters
  • The attributes that make DMVCFramework easy to use
    • MVCPath
      • Support for regular expressions in MVCPath
    • MVCHTTPMethod
    • MVCProduces
    • MVCConsumes
    • MVCDoc
  • Parameter injection
    • MVCFromBody
    • MVCFromQueryString
    • MVCFromHeader
    • MVCFromCookie
  • Send data to the client with the renderings
    • JSON
    • DataSet
    • Binary
    • Text
    • Stream
    • HTML
    • Custom
  • Design a DMVCFramework application
  • Design the RESTful API
  • PUSH notifications and Server Sent Event
  • Middleware
  • Basic Authentication
  • JWT Authentication
    • Implement token expiration with the new TMVCJWTBlackListMiddleware middleware
  • Create a custom authentication and authorization mechanism
  • Generate content on the server with Server Side Views
    • What is Mustache
    • When and how to use the Server Side Views
  • Analyze performance
  • TMVCActiveRecord: OOP and relational finally get along!
    • Persistence and mapping
    • CRUD
    • Manage merge with TMVCActiveRecord.Merge
    • Queries with RQL
    • Complex queries with SQL
    • Manage relationships
  • Usage scenarios: from micro to macro
    • RESTful and / or JSON-RPC services
    • Use the MVCJSONRPCAllowGET attribute to allow JSON-RPC services to exploit the browser and proxy cache
    • 360 ° communication: from the same machine to the Internet via the LAN
  • Write a WEB client with javascript
  • Write a Mobile client
  • Analyze performances with Performance.Start
  • Simplify the deserialization of complex and compound data via the new MVCOwned attribute
  • Best practices for speeding up and optimizing development with DMVCFramework

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