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Duration: 2 days | Price: € 600,00


Delphi Seattle o superiore, OOP e HTTP.


Availability of corporate data from remote isn’t anymore an optional. Your data needs to access to basic information, when they’re not in place. In this course you will discover how much it’s simple (and performant) use Delphi to write RESTful/JSON services using DelphiMVCFramework. During this course all the peculiarity of DelphiMVCFramework will be analyzed, the framework appreciated all over the world for his speed and simplicity. The workshop includes a real development of a complete server RESTful and a client web javascript!


  • Introduction to DelphiMVCFramework
  • I controller
  • Le action
  • Il routing
    • Url Mapped Parameters
    • Strongly Typed Parameters
    • QueryString parameters
  • The attributes that makes DelphiMVCFramework simple to use
    • MVCPath
    • MVCHTTPMethod
    • MVCProduces
    • MVCConsumes
  • I renders
    • JSON
    • DataSet
    • Binary
    • Text
    • HTML
    • Custom
  • Design DelphiMVCFramework application
  • Design RESTful API
  • PUSH Notifications
    • Introduction to STOMP
    • Introduction to RabbitMQ
    • Use the messaging extension
    • Avoid polling
  • Middleware
  • Basic Authentication
  • Create custom authentication & authorization mechanism
  • Mustache server page
    • What is Mustache
    • How much and how to use the Mustache server page
  • Example: Use DelphiMVCFramework like a remote print server
  • Performance analysis
  • Write a WEB client
  • Write a Mobile client for Android & iOS

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