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⭐ DMSContainer 4.1

Duration: 1 day | Price: € 250.00 (📣 Free for those with an active DMSContainer license)


Acquaintance with Delphi.


DMSContainer is the microservices container written in Delphi and Python, but usable by any language. Born in the field in enterprise projects, it allows to significantly reduce development times and time to market. Dozens of developers attended the advanced course for use and development with DMSContainer. But how best to use DMSContainer? How to take advantage of the powerful stream-based messaging system included in DMSContainer 4.0? How to plan to send a large set of emails with arbitrarily complicated templates, or perhaps to be sent in the future? How to integrate eye-catching reports or graphics into any application (desktop, web or mobile)? How to take advantage of exporting datasets to Excel or single-sign-on? In addition to talking about all the end-user features of DMSContainer, this course guides the learner in developing arbitrarily complex modules with JSON-RPC and cron-like JOB API publishing. This course is for users with an active subscription to DMSContainer. Having an application framework that halves development times, that is performing, powerful and maintainable is no longer a forbidden dream - it’s here and it’s called DMSContainer.


In this course learners will learn:

  • What is a microservices architecture
  • When and why to use a microservices architecture
  • DMSContainer and microservices
  • What advantages does DMSContainer offer
  • Differences between standard DMSContainer and DMSContainer professional
  • The Built In Modules
    • EMail Module
      • Examples and practical cases of use
    • Report Module
    • Single Sign On Module
      • Practical cases of use
    • Excel Module
    • Event Streams Module
      • Examples and practical cases of use
    • SynchUtils Module
      • Examples and practical cases of use
  • The types of jobs
  • ShellJob: planning and execution
  • Log management
  • Monitor the system with DMSSupervisor
  • ClassJob: use, development and maintenance
  • How to choose between ShellJob and ClassJob
  • How to speed up development times
  • The DMS variables \ _ \ *
  • The hierarchical configuration system
  • Take advantage of DMSSupervisor
  • How DMSContainer Global Instance watches over our services
  • Success Case: How to develop in 4 hours what would have required 10 days

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