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Duration: 2 days | Price: 600,00 €


Delphi, OOP, TDataset architecture


The course address to all Delphi developers and analyst. Will be analyzed all the features of FireDAC. Practical exercise will illustrate the use of every component aimed to improve productivity, quality and elegance of application and code made. Targets of the course are: Acquiring familiarity with FireDAC suite components, get to know the various customization options and utilize them in wide scenarios.


  • Components Overview
    • DataSets, Queries, Commands and Transactions
  • Developing common patterns applications
    • Single table CRUD
    • Join CRUD Master/Details with CRUD
    • Multiple statements
  • Options
    • Inheritance
    • Automatic Connection Recovery
    • Disconnected Mode
    • Cached Updates
    • Dataset Persistence
    • International Applications
  • DB Services (Backup, Restore, etc)
    • Local SQL Engine From BDE to FireDAC
    • From dbExpress to FireDAC
  • UnifiedAPI
    • Rowset Fetching
    • Command Batches
    • Asynchronous Command
    • Execution Update command generation
    • Auto-incrementing fields
    • SQL dialect abstraction
    • Data Type Unification
    • DB Events
    • Multiple SQL script dialects
    • The FireDAC Options System

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