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Mobile Development with Firemonkey for Delphi VCL developers

Duration: 3 days | Price: € 900,00


Knowledge of OOP, Current knowledge of Delphi


Who is it for?

The course is intended for Delphi VCL users that want to embrace the revolution brought by mobile. We start with the significant changes in the language and the new RTTI then JSON and RESTClient library. The main characteristics of FireMonkey and LiveBingings, up to the development of Mobile (iOS and Android). During the course there is also a short panoramica on how to set up your own backend and its interaction with the client.

Objectives of the course

The goal of this course is to provide the necessary tools to be able to deepen the study and understanding of the new features brought by the Mobile Development.

This course can be held (in italian or english language) in-class (Rome, Milan, Ascoli Piceno, Mestre), on-site c/o customer site or from remote.


Delphi News
  • Overview
  • IDE
  • Operator overloading
  • Class helpers
  • Record Helpers
  • RTL
  • for-in & enumerators
  • Extended RTTI
  • Generics
    • What they are?
    • Using Generic data structures (TList, TQueue, TDictionary<K,V>)
    • Using generics in your code
  • Anonymous methods
    • What they are?
    • Using RTL code which uses anon methods
    • Use anon methods in your own code
  • In-line variables and type inference
  • Parallel Programming Library
    • TTask, TFuture, Parallel For
  • MultiThreading
    • TMonitor
    • TEvent
    • TThreadedQueue
    • Using System.Messaging in multithreading
  • What’s JSON?
  • Using System.JSON and its hierarchly
  • Performance considerations
RESTClient Library
  • THTTPClient
    • Url, headers, mime-types
  • Using THTTPClient in multithreading apps
  • Basic Features
  • Styles
    • Using styles in desktop and mobile apps
    • Developing custom styles
  • LiveBindings
    • TPrototypeBindSource
    • Visual LiveBindings ™
  • Using TFDConnection, TFDQuery
    • Serialization techniques
  • FDManager
  • Connection Pooling
  • Basic features for development on Android and iOS
  • Patterns for development on mobile
    • Mobile Templates
  • Access to the API of the OS
    • Overview
    • Using Java APIs for Android
  • Deploy custom resources on device
    • (ex. text files and SQLite databases)
  • Storage
  • LiveBinding on Mobile
  • Remote data access
  • Access to hardware
    • GPS
    • Accelorometer
    • Camera & Flash
  • Overview
Backend Technologies
  • Overview of server technologies
    • Delphi, Python, PHP, Java, .NET
  • Examples DMVCFramework with Delphi and Flask with Python

Please note that it is necessary to have a PC and development tools installed

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