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Make users happy with the Parallel Programming Library

Duration: 1 day | Price: € 249,00


Delphi knowledge, OOP, anonymous methods, generics


By now from years we have to work with multicore computer and devices. How to take advantage of the power of those machines to make happy our customer? Make to work the applications it’s only half of the job: the main objective is to make customers to fall in love with the software. A way to do that is make the users experience pleasant. In this webinar we will analyze some features of the new Parallel Programming Library introduced in Delphi 10 Seattle that can make our applications fast and pleasant to use. The ideas exposed are applicable for the classic desktop applications, for mobile and server applications.


  • Base concepts of UI and UX
  • Multithreading programming
  • Parallel Programming Library
  • Analysis of real case with related solution
    • Database access
    • Comunications with remote server (HTTP, REST, STOMP, SMTP etc)
    • Comunications between thread in background
    • Comunications between thread in background and GUI
    • Enhance real speed and apparent speed

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A small part of the course has been preseted at an Embarcadero official event and it’s available on youtube. The complete course instead will have a duration of 7 hours and will allow participants to access all examples and didactic material.