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Duration: 2 days | Price: € 499,00

20% discount for multiple people from the same company


Javascript, OOP, basics of HTML, basics of CSS


An intensive course on the development with React and Redux to learn how to use all the features and potential of the library Javascript born in the laboratories of Facebook. It ‘absolutely recommended to have a personal PC / notebook to use during the exercises.


Each day is organized with theoretical lessons and guided exercises designed ad hoc that aim to bring each developer to the mastery of the tool. The course is configured to be an intensive full-immersion on the development with React.

Introduction to React
  • What is React?
  • The specialty of React: the frontend
  • React, we prepare the development environment
  • Hello React World!
  • The syntax of JSX
  • Knowing state and properties of components
  • Event handling in React
  • Understanding the Virtual DOM
  • Adding React to an existing app
  • Create a React component
  • The lifecycle of React components
  • Managing component state
  • Rendering the user interface
  • How to organize a React UI
  • Invoking RESTful and JSON-RPC APIs
  • Sharing state between components a.k.a. “Lifting State Up”
Creating a complete project
  • Create a new React application with create-react-app
  • Define, design, and develop components
  • Routing and navigation between views
  • Design a navigation menu
Advanced concepts
  • Forward Refs
  • Fragments
  • Higher-order components
  • Integration With Other Libraries
  • JSX In Detail
  • Optimize Performance
  • Using Typscript and static types with React

The course is structured with an alternation of theory/practice in order to allow learners to understand, acquire and deal immediately with new information and techniques.

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