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Redis: when the tough get going

Duration: 1 day | Price: € 350,00


In some cases a data structure server is essential. His applicability goes from we application to classic client/server applications. A new world, more efficient, to resolve old problems. If you want to improve your application permormance and introduce new improved features without distort the existing, this course is for you.


  • What‘s Redis
  • NoSQL Basics
  • Getting Redis
  • Using the Redis console
  • String Get and Set
  • Expire
  • The Redis basic Data Types: strings, hashes, lists
  • Incrementing
  • Getrange
  • Mget and Mset
  • Lists
  • The Redis pushes and pops
  • The blocking variants
  • Using Lists to implement queues and stacks
  • Trimming Lists
  • Sets and sets commands
  • Hashes and hashes commands
  • Sorted Sets
  • Using Pub and Sub
  • Transactions
  • Configuration
  • Using a Config file
  • Configuring Persistence
  • Replication Configuration
  • Security
  • Monitor
  • Slow Log
Using redis from your application [Examples in ObjectPascal or Java or PHP or C#]
  • Understanding Redis clients
  • Blocking VS non blocking operations
  • Implementing entities persistence

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