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⭐ Upgrade to DelphiMVCFramework 3.2.2-nitrogen

Duration: 1 day | Price: € 299.00

📣 Course held by Daniele Teti, author of the [official guide] ( and main developer of DMVCFramework


The course for those who want to stay up to date! Don’t waste time and start taking advantage of all the most advanced features of the most popular Delphi framework! In this course we will see all the news of the latest versions of DelphiMVCFramework up to version 3.2.2-nitrogen.


Delphi Berlin or higher, OOP and HTTP basics.


  • Why is DMVCFramework the most popular framework on Github? What makes it unique?
  • New in the router
  • Support for regular expressions in MVCPath
  • The new attributes MVCFromBody, MVCFromQueryString, MVCFromHeader, MVCFromCookie
  • JWT Authentication: complete the token expiration with the new TMVCJWTBlackListMiddleware middleware
  • Analyze performance with Performance.Start
  • Optimized JSON-RPC support
  • The new TMVCRESTClient - faster, with more features and easier to use.
  • The new MVCJSONRPCAllowGET attribute to allow JSON-RPC services to exploit the browser and proxy cache
  • Understand and take advantage of the new LRU-based cache
  • New methods and optimizations on TMVCActiveRecord
  • Manage the merge between the data sent by the user and the data in the database through TMVCActiveRecord.Merge
  • Simplify the deserialization of complex and compound data via the new MVCOwned attribute
  • Best practices to speed up and streamline development with DMVCFramework

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