El tiempo dedicado a la formación es una inversión y debe ser optimizado al máximo. Nuestros cursos y nuestros talleres (workshop) están dirigidos a todas las figuras profesionales y están organizados para atender a las exigencias de los participantes. Es posible solicitar la disponibilidad de cursos personalizados, respecto a los plazos como a los contenidos.
Los precios indicados hacen referencia al precio del curso en el aula. El precio del curso en sedes diferentes será acordado con el departamento comercial.
Para cualquier consulta técnico/económica sobre nuestra oferta formativa, es posible enviar un mensaje desde la sección contacto.

A continuación incluimos los cursos estándar disponibles para este trimestre.

Cursos Estandar

Delphi 10.1 Berlin

Duración: 4 Dia | Precio: 1350 €

A classic course, between the most welcome from Delphi programmers. Don't miss the Delphi 10.1 Berlin update, one of the best version ever.

FirebirdSQL – Base course

Duración: 1 Dia | Precio: 300 € | Fechas Roma: 26-08-2020, 30-09-2020, 28-10-2020, 25-11-2020, 30-12-2020

Installing Firebird it's easy and fast... pushing repeatedly the "next" button! Doing like this you lose the important oppurtunity to create an ad-hoc installation for the system we are preparing
Firebrd it's one of the RDBMS open-source databases, full of features and power.
This workshop, held by Fabio Dodebue, one of the Firebird Foundation members and certainly the most influential Firebird expert in Italy, it will allow you to master the configuration and installation of these wonderful database

FirebirdSQL – Optimization (Advanced course)

Duración: 1 Dia | Precio: 400 € | Fechas Roma: 27-08-2020, 24-09-2020, 29-10-2020, 26-11-2020, 31-12-2020

This advanced course of Firebird it's oriented to installation's optimization to grant optimal performance in every operative condition. The professor, Fabio Codebue, it's one of the Firebird Foundation's members and it's the Firebird expert, the most influential in italy. In this course, will be shown the most advanced techniques for the Firebird advanced optimization.

Develop with DMSContainer 3.1

Duración: 1 Dia | Precio: 250 €

DMSContainer is the microservice container written in Delphi and Python, but usable by any language. Born in the field in enterprise-wide projects, it allows to significantly reduce development time and time to market. Just 6 months after its official launch, DMSContainer has become the reference framework for developing microservices in Delphi. Dozens of developers attended the advanced course for use and development with DMSContainer. But how best to use DMSContainer? How to plan to send a large set of emails with arbitrarily complicated templates, or maybe to send in the future? How to integrate reports or attractive graphics into any application (desktop, web or mobile)? How to take advantage of exporting datasets to Excel or Single-Sign-On? In addition to talking about all the end-user features of DMSContainer, this course guides the learner in the development of arbitrarily complex modules with JSON-RPC and JOB cron-like APIs. This course is reserved for users with an active subscription to DMSContainer. Having an application framework that cuts development time in half, that is high-performance, powerful and maintainable is no longer a forbidden dream - it is here and it is called DMSContainer.

Mobile Development with Firemonkey for Delphi VCL developers

Duración: 4 Dia | Precio: 900 €

Who is it for?
The course is intended for Delphi VCL users that want to embrace the revolution brought by mobile. We start with the significant changes in the language and the new RTTI then JSON and RESTClient library. The main characteristics of FireMonkey and LiveBingings, up to the development of Mobile (iOS and Android). During the course there is also a short panoramica on how to set up your own backend and its interaction with the client.

Objectives of the course
The goal of this course is to provide the necessary tools to be able to deepen the study and understanding of the new features brought by the Mobile Development.

This course can be held (in italian or english language) in-class (Rome, Milan, Ascoli Piceno, Mestre), on-site c/o customer site or from remote.

Workshop : “Everything on DelphiMVCFramework”

Duración: 1 Dia | Precio: 59 €

In this workshop will be analyzed all the features od DelphiMVCFramework, the most appreciated framework in the world for his speed and simplicity. The workshop includes developing a complete real RESTful server and a web javascript client!

Workshop: “Multithreading techniques“

Duración: 1 Dia | Precio: 59 €

This Workshop will help you to improve the performance and user's experience of your software with example and real case use,

Angular 2 and DelphiMVCFramework

Duración: 4 Dia | Precio: 1350 €

Learn to use the power of the wonderful framework AngularJS from Google to write thin client web for your RESTful Delphi services.

C++ Builder 10.1 Berlin Application development

Duración: 4 Dia | Precio: 1350 €

Course made for who starts with C++Builder.


Duración: 2 Dia | Precio: 600 €

During this course all the peculiarity of DelphiMVCFramework will be analyzed, the framework appreciated all over the world for his speed and simplicity. The workshop includes a real development of a complete server RESTful and a client web javascript!

Angular 2

Duración: 3 Dia | Precio: 900 €

Intensive course of 3 days regarding Angular2 and Typescript, to learn all the new feature and potential of the new framework from Google. It's absolutely recommended to carry a personal PC/notebook to be used during the session.

Angular 2 and server PHP

Duración: 4 Dia | Precio: 1350 €

Learn to use the power of the wonderful framework Angular2 from Google to write thin client web for your RESTful PHP services

AngularJS and server Delphi

Duración: 4 Dia | Precio: 1350 €

Learn to use the power of the wonderful framework AngularJS from Google to write thin client web for your RESTful Delphi services.

AngularJS and server PHP

Duración: 4 Dia | Precio: 1350 €

Learn to use the power of the wonderful framework AngularJS from Google to write thin client web for yiour RESTful PHP services

Android development with Google SDK

Duración: 4 Dia | Precio: 1350 €

For who wants to develop Android and Java app with Google SDK

Microsoft SQL Server - Rewrite your queries for better performance

Duración: 1 Dia | Precio: 300 € | Fechas Roma: 26-08-2020, 30-09-2020, 28-10-2020, 25-11-2020, 30-12-2020

Compared to other programming language, T-SQL it's not an hard language to learn, and excluding some syntactic errors cane be really tolerant. There is a tendency to learn only the fundamental statements of the language: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE; only who invest more time, uncovers the declarative nature of this language and can obtain the best performance and power from own query. This workshop provides an introduction to the Execution Plan and the DMV in SQL Server, deals with set-based statement present in the language T-SQL. Execution Plan helps us to answer to the questions: "Why this query is so slow?", "Which index shall be utilized, and in wich way?". The DMV (view and system functions) provides information of SQL Server istance's health state, as well as feedback of the query's performance. The arguments processed on T-SQL language will allow to improve the code's writing, using set-based statement present in SQL Server, as well as those implemented in the last versions, particularly window functions.

Redis: when the tough get going

Duración: 1 Dia | Precio: 350 €

In some cases a data structure server is essential. His applicability goes from we application to classic client/server applications. A new world, more efficient, to resolve old problems. If you want to improve your application permormance and introduce new improved features without distort the existing, this course is for you.

Make users happy with the Parallel Programming Library

Duración: 1 Dia | Precio: 249 €

By now from years we have to work with multicore computer and devices. How to take advantage of the power of those machines to make happy our customer? Make to work the applications it's only half of the job: the main objective is to make customers to fall in love with the software. A way to do that is make the users experience pleasant. In this webinar we will analyze some features of the new Parallel Programming Library introduced in Delphi 10 Seattle that can make our applications fast and pleasant to use. The ideas exposed are applicable for the classic desktop applications, for mobile and server applications.

Object oriented programming and design patterns in practice

Duración: 3 Dia | Precio: 900 €

“ This course will change your life “ - cit. un partecipante
In this course appreciated by many developers in the previous years, are faced the worst “classic“ design flaws and the relative solution offerend by the SOLID principles and design pattern. This course will have numerous examples and exercises.

Update to Delphi XE7 - with Daniele Teti

Duración: 4 Dia | Precio: 299 €

Download the training


Duración: 3 Dia | Precio: 900 €

Learn to take advantage of the power of the wonderful framework AngularJS from Google for writing thin client web with one of the most advanced web technology at your disposal.


Duración: 2 Dia | Precio: 600 €

The course address to all Delphi developers and analyst. Will be analyzed all the features of FireDAC. Practical exercise will illustrate the use of every component aimed to improve productivity, quality and elegance of application and code made. Targets of the course are: Acquiring familiarity with FireDAC suite components, get to know the various customization options and utilize them in wide scenarios.

Python Course

Duración: 2 Dia | Precio: 600 €

Python it's a object oriented programming language, that lands itself to many uses: to simple script at complex web application. Python unites powerful features and a simple and intuitive sintax, that make it clean and simple.

Develop API with Python and Flask

Duración: 1 Dia | Precio: 300 €

Independently from the platform, it's necessary to build API to serve data from various client applications and endpoints. Good API are needed for web and mobile projects, expecially for mobile-first approach. This formation course give the fundamental knowledge needed for the higly interconnected interaction between the applications utilizing RESTful API.