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Machine Learning: predicting the future has become easier.

Machine Learning: predicting the future has become easier.

Having data doesn’t mean having information. Machine learning allows companies to enhance the amount of data in their possession by extracting valuable information about their customers.

Bit Time Professionals data scientists are able to use machine learning algorithms to extract information and forecasts from your data. With bitTime Professionals data scientists, predicting the future has become easier!

Machine learning is a sub-category of artificial intelligence that gives machines the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Specifically, machine learning is a method of data analysis that aims to automate the creation of analytical models.

Thanks to special algorithms that learn iteratively from a human-supplied database, machine learning allows computers and other computer systems to learn new notions and information, make decisions and make predictions without having been previously instructed to do so. bit Time Professionals offers advice and training on machine learning.

Currently, machine learning applications are really numerous, many of which are integrated with the everyday life of a large number of people in more or less important aspects. Some direct cases in which bit Time Professionals can support its customers are:

  • Recommendation systems
  • Behavioral pattern recognition
  • Product/Service Sales Forecast
  • Decision Support System Forecast
  • Vocal and natural language recognition
  • Discovery of fraud involving credit cards and/or other payment systems

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Machine Learning: predicting the future has become easier.